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Here is an exciting blog post from one of our youngest contributors and the winner of the EZ Comics 2011 Comic Book Competition! Jesse Zhao has won a free Kindle and a printed copy of her exciting and educational comic book on the History of Medicine. Read her comic book online! 

My Experiences in creating “The History of Medicine”

By Jessie Zhao

My experiences in creating the comic book “The History of Medicine” were very interesting. I began by trying to think of a good topic. I then realized that I was interested in both history and medicine, so I naturally studied the history of medicine. I already knew some information, but I still had to search things up online and visit the library to borrow books. Fortunately, there are many sources on this subject.

After gathering information, I had to begin drawing. This involved first planning the panels, and then deciding what to put in them. Since I couldn’t make the comic book too long, I also had to judge how significant something was. After drawing and writing down everything, I had to color the panels and trace everything, including the borders and words. This was probably the most time-consuming part.

However, in the end it was all worth it. I had created a great comic book, and could show my work to thousands of people online. I recommend this competition to anyone who likes art, history, and is willing to spend a lot of time working on this. It’s also a great chance to show your work to others.

Who knows, you might even become famous!