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Omazimo Nduka and Kanzingona ( version 2011)

(by Katengue Santos)  Click here to contact the autor

Description: During, 100 A.D. the Bantu began to migrate from West Africa to the pick of Africa. Their numbers had increased so much that there was not enough food and Land to feed their families, grow their crops and build their houses. The young men decided to set off for greener pastures. Amongst them was Nduva, a very vivacious young man. He had just married a beautiful young lady by the name Naambo. They were both from different tribes. Their families on both sides did not want them to get married, but they did any way. Their story is not going to be told now. There better things to discuss, the story of Nduka and Kanzingona. What does it take to love in an African bond community? Does love really exist in Africa? Well, these are just about the same questions faced by Nduka and Kanzingona. For them it was love at first sight. They had a lot in common; they were both from noble families, they both had terrible war experiences, but there was one thing that over ruled all! They were both from different families. In fact, families that bitterly hated each other for centauries now. If, they really loved each other and that is, If?! They would have to overcome witch craft, cruelty, war, hostility, lies, uncountable battles both physical and spiritual, and last but not lest, even Death itself. Now, it is up to Nduka and Kanzingona to fight tradition and the ways of their people; to prove their love for one another. Will they survive the harsh cruel magic of the Great He-She? Or will they give up and suffer the internal bondage to marry someone whom they don’t love? Or will they overcome and live happily ever after?