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The books are of great use to integrate American cultural and historical understanding for the readers. With its relatively more simplified language and the beautiful illustrated cartoon characters, the content is easier for ones to read, follow, and understand. The books are used as one of the representational materials for the Embassy’s public diplomacy outreach.

Phanisara Logsdon

Thailand Embassy

I love the martin luther king jr comic. I have read the hard copy and glad i got the facts straight.

Jyothsnanath Parachuru

EZ Comics tell in-depth stories in an entertaining manner and make history come alive. It was almost like I was participating in the story!

Mark Martel

Great books.Makes for interesting reading for younger children as well as those who like reading comics instead of digests.

Dipa Sheth Kothari

Conratulations to Ruchir!!!!!!!!!!! As a young writer I think you have done quite an outstanding job. You certainly have great potential & your work is commendable. I read MRK. I think you write at a higher level, sometimes that could be difficult for most kids, so my advice is that you write a simple language where students will enjoy reading. All the best & good luck!

Nazneen Kukreja

I enjoyed this book (James Baker) because it is informative and entertaining. I really want to read more of these because all kids enjoy comics and politics are interesting!

Maddy Murphy

Hampden Meadows School Student

I liked this book (James Baker) because I learned a lot. I think the author made it fun to listen to and look at.


Hampden Meadows School Student

I thought that this book was interesting because it was in comic book form. It was also interesting to learn about Jim Baker, politics, and what happened in his life.


Hampden Meadows School Student

I thought the book will be interesting for kids to read and kids will want to read it because it’s a comic book and the book is fun and it’s about an important person.

Emily Sancomb

Hampden Meadows School Student

Art can change your opinion about certain things. What I mean is that art can show you just how beautiful or terrible something is. This project was really fun to work on. We learned new things and got to help write history in comic form. I would recommend to others because it was really fun to do. You can learn a lot while helping to write history. It feels good.

Joy Umoekpo

KIPP Academy Class of 2016

One important life lesson that I learned throughout this project is that together we can get a lot of things done. I would recommend this to other teachers and students because it combines writing and drawing in one project.

Barbara Jaimes

KIPP Academy Class of 2015

I learned that we are all equal and that we need to treat each other with respect. I learned that not only were Jews mistreated, but they did everything they could to crush their hope and self-esteem. I enjoyed this project. It made me see the Holocaust in a way that is interesting to me. Instead of reading a book, I got to draw. I would recommend this project to other students because it’s a better and more active way of learning than listening to a teacher talk.

Savine Villatoro

KIPP Academy Class of 2015

I learned that people who have no regard for others will do anything to get rid of them. These people are bad and I do not want to follow in their footsteps. I learned that Kristallnacht was one of the first steps in the war against Jews. It let the Germans, who hated Jews, express their anger through destruction. I enjoyed this project because it was for a good cause. I would recommend this project because it teaches valuable life lessons while giving us an art assignment.

Salomon Villatoro

KIPP Academy Class of 2015

In the Holocaust, hate brought forth the mass murder of the millions of Jews. I learned that hate should not be made, but tolerance. Before this project, I did not know that Kaddish is a prayer for mourning, yet it doesn’t mention death. I also learned what makes a leader and how to become a good leader. I enjoyed doing this project, because it helped us improve as artists. I was also able to sketch and draw and learned how art is scanned into the computer. I would recommend this project to other people because it is a great way to learn more about the Holocaust and help spread the word about what happened.

Omar Mata

KIPP Academy Class of 2015

A few months ago, I received an email about a project that was starting on my campus, and I was asked if I wanted my students to be a part of it. I actually knew very little about it at the time, but I immediately said, “Yes” because I knew it was related to two things: writing and the Holocaust. I agreed that just a few of my 7th and 8th grade Art students would have time to help illustrate a story that a few students were working on. It wasn’t until I met Ruchir and looked at his comic books that I realized the potential impact that the comic book could have on my classroom. At that point, I rearranged what we were working on so that all of my students could be a part of this process. This was a great decision; the process of illustrating this book has been educational and rewarding for everyone involved. Creating the comic book allowed my students to work collaboratively, think critically and creatively, and it inspired them to do research. It was also was a great platform for discussion regarding character building. My students are proud of what they’ve learned and therefore eager to share. Ruchir’s comics are exciting because they cover so many disciplines. Comic book creation requires students to research, organize, and synthesize their information. From an early age we associate comics with enjoyment, adding the academic element is simple and brilliant. Students are set up for success because they know they will enjoy the work. I have started rearranging lessons in other classes, so I can incorporate this one. The possibilities for this project are endless and only limited by a student’s thirst for knowledge.

Brandy Hebert

KIPP Academy Middle School

These comics are not providing any new knowledge to our kids, I don’t recommend it for kids as both of my kids disliked them.


As a teacher I feel your comic books can do better if they are a little more detailed on the facts.

Eric Moryl

My 9yr old son is happy to read something related to history after a long time. He finds the comics fun to read especially about Martin Luther King. He is also excited to get to the civil war comic. Thanks for these interesting comics

Tierra Jacobs

I must inform you that your comic book was a loss of my time. My daughter never wanted to go through it because of such bad drawings. These comic books look amateurish.


the site looks nice – very colorful my 7 yr old daughter loves it – we are reading u r benjamin book. nice work.

Jason B

My name is Micah and I am the new English Language Manager at the Embassy. I am pleased to say, after reviewing your comic books and consulting with Julia, I would like to move forward in ordering some books from you. We hope to use them in our English Access Microscholarship Program aimed at improving the English skills of underprivileged 14-18 year olds. Your colorful books offer a balance of visual appeal and historical context that would probably make reading more engaging for these Access program students.


After consultation with our Public Affairs head, we have authorized an order for 500 of your comic books– 125 copies of each of the four books. This process could take up to 4 weeks. Someone from our procurement team will place an order through your website. Please let us know when you receive the purchase order.