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Create your own Comics to Submit


Creating and publishing your comic is easy with EZ Comics! Here are some steps to help you make and publish your very own educational comic book today.

1. Brainstorm some topics and ideas you might want to write a book about. Think about who your target audience will be. What age group? What country? How long and detailed?

Ex) I want to write a book about Iranian culture for students in America. I want to target it to students of age 10-16 in America. I want it to be a short 5-10 page summary.

2. Make an outline of the book! How do you want it to be structured? What ideas do you want to mention? Are you going to have superheroes, a narrator, or stories in your book?

3. Make a detailed script for your comic book. Use the format in the link below. Make exact details, so that any illustrator would be able to draw your comic book. Exactly state which text should be captions, which text should be dialogue, and exactly what each image should be of. Make sure to also include reference images from the Internet! For best results, make your script on a computer.

Ex) Start drawing your comic book pictures! Put each individual picture frame from your comic book on a blank sheet of paper. Don’t write any text just yet!

5. Finish drawing all your pictures and scan them onto a computer

6. Use an image editing software- such as Paint, Photoshop, or inDesign and add color, dialogue bubbles, and captions to your comics!

7. Put it all together and make your comic book a pdf

8. Make a user account at and submit your comic book for the rest of the world to see!