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EZ Comics Competition 2012- Win an iPad!


EZ Comics and the Boniuk Center for Religious Tolerance at Rice University bring you our:

2012 Religious Tolerance Comic Book Competition! WIN A FREE iPAD or iPHONE

Illustrate a comic book on religious tolerance for a chance to win an iPad or iPhone and showcase your work on

Write a comic book promoting religious tolerance. Deadline: February 17, 2012

· Why is it valuable to promote religious tolerance?

· What core values do religions have in common?

· How does your religion promote religious tolerance?

· What happens when people don’t respect each other’s religions?

· Why is it important to understand other religions and to get along with people of different faiths?

· Topic of your choice


· Top entries will be chosen from four age groups (11 and under, 12-14, 15-18, and 19 and above) so anyone can enter!

· Minimum of 5 pages in addition to a cover page

· Comic books can be hand drawn or illustrated using computer software

Winners will:

· Win an iPad or an iPhone

· Be featured on the EZ Comics and the Boniuk Center websites

· Be published in paper and distributed at the discretion of EZComics and Boniuk Center

Logistical Details:

Click here to learn how to write a script

Click here to learn how to draw a comic book

Click here to see a sample script and here to see a sample comic

To apply:

· Register as a new user

· Go to “My Creations”

· Click on “Upload a Comic?”

· Type in the required information

· What type of comic: Religion

· Description: Write a brief description, highlighting what the focus of your comic book is

· Total images/images to load: This is the number of pages in your comic book

· Be sure to read the license agreement

· Upload each page of your comic book separately on JPEG/JPG format

· Upload the cover page of your comic book as the thumbnail image