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Create, publish, and view historical comic books for free online!

Through, the mission of EZ Comics is to build a comprehensive online resource, an educational comic book Wikipedia, where students from all over the world can create and upload educational comic books.

Wars and world conflicts all occur when different cultures, races and, religions do not understand each other’s ideas and perspectives. Cultural misunderstandings and minuscule differences often escalate minor conflicts into wars and genocides, with devastating consequences. A deeper understanding of history and culture is the solution to this problem.Israeli students and Palestinian students could someday put an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Hindu students and Muslim students could work to achieve greater tolerance and reduce religious violence. American students and Chinese students could someday build a more cooperative and united world. By simply engaging students from all over the world and giving them the opportunity to jointly collaborate on an exciting project, we have the opportunity to build cultural bridges across the vast oceans of hate generated by past generations. The youth are the future, and only if the youth can be reached can we truly achieve lasting peace and cooperation. Educational comic books provide an important and valuable medium to engage young people and build cooperation between youth across the globe.

The vision of EZ Comics is to spread understanding, knowledge, and respect for different cultures, so that, together, we can work to build a more tolerant and culturally powerful world. EZ Comics is a non-profit organization that encourages cultural and historical knowledge through the creation, publication, and marketing of educational comic books for children