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I love reading history comics. One of the collection I grew up reading was the Amar Chitra Katha  (  The stories brought to life the Indian mythical characters. I can now understand how strong an impact a good book, especially a picture book or comic book, can have on the reader.

I have written a few history scripts and have enjoyed every bit of it too. I am no illustrator but I can only imagine how much fun it could be for someone who can write and illustrate his own comic. The research that goes into making a comic is only half the fun. There is an added art of trying to think of the best way to present your research in comic. What would go into dialogue and what would work well as caption. And trying to minimize writing and maximize artwork is another skill for the comic artist. And of course the more details you put in the illustration always yields a better book. After all a picture can be worth a thousand words.

Another series for history comics I like is by Larry Gonick ( He writes and illustrates his own comics and they are so funny.