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The following post has been written, by Bennardo, an artist from Namibia. It is extremely inspirational, so please read if you get a chance! His beautifully created comic book can be found here: Omazimo

At the age of 12, I began to draw my very first comic “ Ms Ellabella”. Over the years the vision grew with many other comics under BKDS Productions. In 2004, I established BKDS Productions and officially registered it in 2009, as BKDS ART PRODUCTIONS. At the beginning of that same year, I began working on Omazimo. It is a noun and literally translated as “ Relative Group” in Oshiwambo – my mother tongue. Omazimo is divided into 3 major phrases namely The Great Migration, The Great Depression and Setting Down. Omazimo Nduka and Kanzingona is included in the last phase.

I did not win, but EZ Comics gave me the opportunity to do what nobody believes in and – be exposed to thousands of people. I live in a narrow minded community where none of my ideas are supported. I had to fight hard all my life in order to make this dream a reality. I have faced a lot of rejections and EZ Comics brought back the fighting Spirit which was about to be quenched.

I did not win, yet EZ Comics promised to send me (I live in Namibia), an $10 Amazon gift card and a free copy of my comic. 1 month later they arrived. It was the first ever comic to be published, thus an encouraging experience! I do not have a computer nor a scanner and it was even harder to get them on the web, and I gratefully appreciate EZ Comics generous effort to print and send me a free copy of my comic. EZ Comic made a dream which I’ve always dreamt of a possibilty. What I mostly appreciated was their interest! They wrote: “ We have included a $10 gift certificate to Amazon ( because we loved reading your comic book!)”.

Eventhough the commpetition ended, I now know, that it is definitely not the end Omazimo, but a whole new journey that envoles a lot of fun and adventure.
People do not realised what person goes through in order to make their dreams a reality and that is also what the story of Nduka an dKanzingona is all about – fighting for what you truly believe in with all your mind and soul!

Being from two Omazimos (Relative Groups) which had been at war for centuries; Nduka from the  AaKwaniliya ( Omahangu – Plant ). While Kanzingona from the AaKwananzi ( Sheep – Animal ). They both knew that they were taking a huge risk to be together, yet unknowingly their journey  unfolded into a Destiny, that became the only survival of both their people.